Established in one of the most beautiful places in the world, AMFU / Tahiti Yacht Agents has been in the maritime world for the last 50 years. We strive every day to give our clients the best experience and show all the best French Polynesia has to offer.Our 24/7 service willl provide you with all the contacts necessary, give you tips and local insights to make your stay as easy and smooth as possible.

With a growing demand from the luxury yachting industry, our wide range services :

> Berth reservation, entry clearance
> Immigration clearance, visa extensions
> Duty free fuel & lube oil
> Provisions & Supplies
> Shipyard arrangements, dry dockage
> Hotel accommodations, airport transfers
> Private tours or shuttles
> Courier, telephone & internet services
> Hotel services
> Crew assistance, placement or arrangements
> Medical assistance 24/7
> Minor repairs and local engineering repairs